Monday, January 16, 2017

Some News Links I Liked Today (1/16/17)

Let's get things started with someone I am particularly excited to see this year, from Netflix comes "The Defenders." Read about it over on /Film here.

This article over on Cinemablend had the title, "10 Awesome Throwback Movies to show your kids if they dig Monster Trucks" but I would argue, these 10 films should be required viewing no matter what. By what I've heard from the reviews on "Monster Trucks", if your kid liked "Monster Trucks", they may not be ready to appreciate these 10 films on the list. Oh, and if you're thinking this list only applies to kids, that would be wrong too. I've got some fond memories of many of the films on that list, and just going through it made me smile. I invite you to look at the list too, and do yourself a favor and revisit them, or watch them for the first time. You will not be disappointed. Click here to see the list.


Tom Hardy, who is starring in the new series "Taboo" on FX, which has an interesting story behind its creation. recently gave an interview talking about the damage his work on "The Dark Knight Rises" did to his body. Click here to head on over to to check it out.


I stumbled across this page on IMDb that shows Sigourney Weaver through the years, and I have to admit that it was amazing to see how many films of hers I have actually seen. It's a good trip down memory lane. Click here to check out the pictures for yourself.


DIRECTVNow is suffering some PR issues because of some technical difficulties. The latest update is from TechCrunch talking about the inability to offer refunds to customers who ask for one. I'm only providing a link and cannot speak to anything contained therein. Read the details by clicking here.